Critics say that 'Venom' is so bad that it might actually be good

By | 15.06.2019

Michelle williams venom crystal castles amnesty full album Said character is supposed to be the ex-wife of Eddie Brock, the titular character of the movie who will be played by Tom Hardy. For those who are curious, the first She-Venom was Ann Weying with the same Symbiote that makes Eddie Brock into the titular character of the movie. This happened in the comic books because the Symbiote intervened to save her life when she was hurt, though this resulted in some serious problems because she struggled to cope with the violence that she inflicted on those who had hurt her when she was She-Venom. 'Venom' star Michelle Williams, best known for emotional indies, surprised fans by signing up for a comic book movie. During a recent interview with MTV News, Michelle Williams was asked if she knows if she will return to her role as Anne Weying in Venom's. Tom Hardy and Michelle Williams are great in 'Venom', but even they have no antidote for a weak plot and forgettable dialogue .

More News Tom Hardy plays a vicious Marvel comic book character.

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