12 Signs You Are a People-Hating Misanthrope

By | 18.06.2019

Misanthropy personality test mrf paints kerala Since kindergarten, one of the important life skills taught to us is how to make friends and behave kindly, so that others will like us. However, growing up and experiencing human interaction can produce good and ugly results. Understanding the misanthrope To be fair, misanthropes are not bad people, nor are they loners who lack the company of friends. How Misanthropic Are You? You find it difficult to deal with store clerks, waiters, and The Bubble Bath Test · Are youadent like chocolate? Zany like lime?. It's not like those online personality tests that leave you wondering if you're really the most like a certain fictional character Do you generally. These are the 12 main signs and symptoms your are a Misanthrope. Misanthropes tend to dislike people in general not because they are . better than most people that is someone with a Narcissists personality disorder.

No just no, F--- no. Not really.

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You tend to be more sensible than the people who surround you One surefire sign that you are a misanthrope is that you tend to be more sensible than other people around you. If you hate people because you just think most of them are idiots, this term most likely applies to you. You hate a deep-seated hatred for Drama If you simply cannot stand drama and the people who cause it, you are most likely a misanthrope. These people do everything in their power to avoid those who cause problems and dramatic situations wherever they go.

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Why I'm A Misanthropist (Rant)

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