10 Best Nigerian Music Singles

By | 16.05.2019

Nigeria music chart premier league match officials week 35 The 28-year-old singer, whose is real name Eric Obuh, was due to kick-start his international bid for stardom in May as the main act at a show in London's prestigious 2,350-capacity IndigO2 arena, but pulled out in disputed circumstances. Nigerian newspaper PM News reported that amidst a conflict between promoters, Obuh's passport mysteriously disappeared before he set off for London then turned up - but too late for him to make the IndigO2 show. The charismatic vocalist did not confirm the reports in an interview with AFP during his six-week tour here, but said his next step is finding a manager. With a new gig set for London in September, he wants someone to help him pursue his dream without exploiting his poor background and lack of industry knowledge. Top 10 Nigeria Countdown this week: Wizkid's 'Fever' is at no. Top 10 Nigeria Countdown, the most authoritative Nigerian music chart show. with our monthly chart for The Top Nigerian songs released each month. we ar saying about reasonable music like “if I no get today I go get. iTunes Country Based Music Chart Browser - Music Charts in Nigeria.

With every passing day, our musicians have worked hard, determined to up their games and give us only the best music there is. A time was when most of the songs on the chart list were simply not good enough, ill-produced and noisy crap. But today, we can be proud to boldly proclaim that Nigerian music is the best on the African Continent and indeed one of the best in the whole wide world.

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This may come as a surprise if you never knew that the well-known British artist, better known as Skepta, is actually of Nigerian heritage. Who is Skepta? Skepta was born on September 19, 1988 to Nigerian immigrant parents who raised him on a council estate called the Meridian Walk Estate in Tottenham, North London.

Tekno - Jogodo (Official Video)

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Without a doubt, Nigeria has some of the most talented and accomplished musicians on the African continent. You should also note that the list comprises of musicians who have Nigerian heritage irrespective of whether they are based in Nigeria or not. Famous Nigerian Musicians 1. Tongolo was soon followed by other chart topping tracks in subsequent years.

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