Which D2 bad boy is right for you?

By | 11.07.2019

Which star wars male character is your soulmate travis turpin instagram You can't move for Gungans, Corellians, Twi'leks, Imperial badmen, bounty hunters, droids and whatever the hell Admiral Ackbar is. Yet everyone's sure about which of those denizens is their favourite. Sure, the Han fans outnumber the Luke-lovers, and the Fett-followers think they're way cooler than the Vader ravers, but even the likes of Wicket the ewok have their yay-sayers. Every wondered who your perfect date in the Star Wars galaxy would be? Find out now with justanother.me's fun Valentine's Day quiz!. If you haven't seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens yet, this is the time to turn away. For everyone else, who is now head over heels in love with Poe and Finn in equal measure? For everyone who has experienced the roller coaster of emotions that was Star Wars: The Force Awakens, you. What quality do you prefer most in your date?, Are you soft of hard?, Are yousitive or indifferent?.

Jule What star wars character am i quotev This is a large quiz featuring characters from all nine Star Wars films this quiz was updated in to include The Last Jedi material. Hello and welcome Jedi! First question, where do you stand with the force?

Something that shows off my best features. Something complex and homemade. You and your significant other are headed to a costume party for the night, but what have you chosen as a Halloween costume for this year? Question 16 How much of a gossip are you?

who is your last jedi boyfriend

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