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Superboy and wondergirl fanfiction credit card declined what to do How she came to be, her place in the team and maybe even a little romance on the way! I've decided to continue with Season 1, ignore the presence of Season 2, and you can all see this story as the beginning of how the Wonder Girl in Season 2 came to be on the team. So keep enjoying guys! Plus, I even have a plan as to how to get to Season 2 from this story! There was one person however that wanted to talk to Superboy if only to get him out of his gloom and that was Cassie a.k.a Wonder Girl. This is a story about superboy and his struggle to keep a grip on his life Romance/Suspense - . Superboy and Wonder Girl then proceeded deep into the forest to find out exactly why Nightwing hadt them to an island that has been.

By. coolpeson Cassie asks Conner out they start dating but how will her mother react, Wonder Woman, and Superman? AU rated M sex scene.

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Nightwing decides to change up the teams, but will the new teams lead to some unwanted jealousy between teammates? Miss Martian is beginning to lose trust in everyone around her, and she is running out of people to turn to. When the fate of humanity is at stake, what will she do? Keep the reviews coming and I will keep writing as fast as I can! Tell your friends about this story, and I also write fanfics for The Legend of Korra, so go check those out!

By. Krazykandyman When Conner is still upset with his relationship ending with M'gann there is someone who is willing to fill in the empty spot in his heart. That is if she is willing to take the first step. Rated T just to be safe...


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Mount Justice, Briefing Room "What happened? Experts believe it's out of this world, the day she announced it was also the day she didn't come home" Batman said. Showing a picture of her. Zeus knows what could've happened to her, Conner heard a little sniff and he held her hand and she calmed herself. Megan finally noticed where Conner's hand was and got angry, consumed with jealousy over a minor act of kindness.

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