23 Romantic Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples

By | 26.06.2019

Night out places in bangalore for lovers james lock towie new look There is plenty of other stuff to do in the garden city and we are going to tell you all about it. Whether you love fancy restaurants, exploring the outdoors, engaging in adventure sports or even taking romantic walks at a garden, Bangalore has a lot of romantic things to do. Follow our guide to the top 20 romantic places to hangout in Bangalore for a successful date night. For the best experience, start your boat ride at 5 pm so that you are on the lake just in time to watch the sunset. Best deal for Couples: Book Resort Day Outs In Bangalore .. A huge projector called “space master” projects night sky on the dome as seen. 14 Best Outdoor Hangout Places in Bangalore for Couples If you are planning on going out for a date night, you would want to pick a place. Bangalore city offers a plethora of romantic places for the lovebirds. It is an amazing place for the couples who are looking to get away from city chaos. . Take your partner on a Karaoke night to the Loveshack and sing a romantic song to.

Quite literally, we mean. Bangalore has many midnight dessert shops where you can have something sweet after driving around the city in the late hours of the night.

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As the sun goes down, it opens the door to the umpteen things to do in enlivening Bangalore nightlife. Whatever maybe your interest, this city will spoil you with the choices it has to offer. Any night of the week, any mood you are in, you have so many great places to go out that you can have great fun everywhere in the Silicon city.


best places to kiss in bangalore

Grape Stomping Min. Well, now you can experience this in reality at the Jakkur Airfield. That is what makes Jakkur Airfield one of the most interesting places for a romantic date. Nehru Planetarium Stargazing Rated 14 of 23 Best Places to Visit in Bangalore for Couples Indulging in an enchanted stargazing experience is sure to leave your beloved highly impressed and starry-eyed.

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Things to do in Bangalore for couple - Top Things to do in Bangalore for couples

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