WWE Stars Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins Make Their Relationship Instagram Official

By | 09.06.2019

New wwe couples 2019 gaming pc shop Both have expensive tastes to go along with their extravagant lifestyle of running the WWE. Their garage is incredible when it comes to the cars and motorcycles in their collection. They also travel often with limousines as they own one and hire drivers. Triple H has a motorcycle collection that was recently improved when he purchased the V8-powered Boss Hoss from their WrestleMania 34 entrance as a present for Stephanie. Kidd is currently working backstage as a producer following injuries endured during his time in the squared circle. WWE is a very close family and it makesse that sometimes people in the close of a Since people seem to be interested in such matters, we have compiled a list of current WWE couples. . WWE Couples – Superstars Who Areried In Real Life Next – 15 WWE Legends Who You Might Not Know Wrestled For New Japan Pro Wrestling. In tribute to the Lana, Rusev and Aiden English storyline on SmackDown, we take a look at 39 real-life couples in the world of wrestling today.

Miroslav Barnyashev, better known as Rusev, is a Bulgarian powerlifter turned pro-wrestler.

Fellow wrestler Aaron Solow is planning to marry her. But these days, that is no longer just a rumor. The pair confirmed that rumor by appearing at a Taking Back Sunday concert together recently, where they showed quite a bit of affection. One fun fact about their special day was that Brie walked down the aisle barefoot.

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Who could understand a pro wrestler better than another pro wrestler? Who could possibly commiserate with living a life of extreme physical injury and theatrics if not a partner in the same over-the-top industry? And yet, so few made it.

WWE Real Couples- WWE Wrestlers Who Married Fellow Wrestlers in Real Life

The two have taken part in lots of IG stories together, and TMZ has also taken pics of the couple out and about in the Los Angeles area. It appears that both have quite happily moved on in 2019 with other people. Both were members of the SmackDown Live roster until Dillinger asked for his release from the company.