I hate condoms and she won't go on the pill!

By | 17.05.2019

Girlfriend isn t on birth control html5 validation error message css Email We happen to know there's one really confused guy out there who thinks women use birth control in their ongoing efforts to be 'sluts' , but the truth is many women use birth control to keep their sex lives healthy and active. Here's the thing. I've been on one type or another for over six years at this point, and I've found that sometimes, birth control or rather, the side effects of some forms of birth control can negatively affect a relationship. So what's a responsible, sexually active woman to do? My girlfriend of 2 years does not want to go back on birthcontrol. . That wouldn't be a problem, especially in the prece of a nekkid woman. By asking her to take on a form of birth control that makes her uncomfortable, though, aren't you just switching the burden of less pleasant sex. When Rebecca Reid tried to talk to couples about how birth control has affected their Itbe great for many women, but for me that wasn't the case. explained to me: “It's a real shock when a girl says she's not on the Pill.

I learned two things in writing this article. The first was how uniform the uncertainties of hormonal contraceptives are.

George Send a private message AskMen Reader If she goes through with the abortion make sure you go with her and give her the support as well as confirmation on your end. It is odd how she lied about the test you found in the garbage. Perhaps she was scared to tell you? You say she got her period afterwards. Did you happen to have sex with her while on her period?

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