5 female superstars who could make a surprise return at the Royal Rumble 2019 Match

By | 20.06.2019

Beth phoenix royal rumble 2019 online dating etiquette for ladies The opening minutes were about CM Punk constantly clearing the ring and then cutting promos about being the drug-free savior. Phoenix followed, surprising many, and stood up to Khali, ready to fight. Phoenix grabbed the giant, kissed him, and pulled him back enough that he flipped out of the ring. Before women had their own Royal Rumble match, three pioneering Superstars broke down walls to enter the fray. WWE has always thrilled their fans by bringing back some legends in the Rumble who could make a surprise return at the Royal Rumble Match in the Rumble match, such as Lita, Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, Vickie. With the second annual Women's Royal Rumble approaching, I predict Beth Phoenix and Trish Stratus all competed in the inaugural event.

In 2015, the company included Bryan, but instead of lasting into the later third of the match, disaster struck. Bray Wyatt bumped Bryan off the ring apron after just 10 minutes of in-ring action. And she made an immediate impact; she kissed former World Heavyweight Champion the Great Khali, which stunned him so much that she was able to leverage him out of the ring.

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The Men's and Women's Royal Rumble matches will feature 30-superstars each as they compete to earn a championship match at WrestleMania. The bout begins with two competitors and slowly introduces more superstars at timed intervals. Here are the Top 5 superstars who could and should make a surprise entrance at the Royal Rumble, sending fans into a frenzy in the process. Velveteen Dream NXT star Velveteen Dream, one of the most charismatic and flamboyant grapplers in the company, is destined to be a huge star in the WWE and deserves a big stage like the Royal Rumble to make his main roster debut.

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Beth Phoenix at Royal Rumble 2018 WWE

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