Famed Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris Engulfed In Flames

By | 13.07.2019

Paris breaking news today speed flatmating review The avalanche of donations sparked criticism of laws allowing corporate donors who fund the restoration of national treasures to write off as much as 90 per cent of donations against their tax. French detectives investigating the Notre-Dame fire on Tuesday questioned workers, who had been restoring the magnificent Gothic cathedral and left the site minutes before the blaze broke out. Some 50 investigators from the Paris police criminal division — half of its detectives — are assigned to the case. The highly respected specialist company has restored cathedrals and churches in Strasbourg, Reims, Poitiers, Verdun, Amiens and other French cities. Paris articles on News The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris hosted its first mass on Saturday exactly two Here are the top world news videos for today. Latest France news including ISIS attacks, the French president Emmanuel Macron and Paris plus updates on the refugees in the Calais 'gle' migrant camp. 2 days ago Get the biggest daily news stories by email and 30 others were injured when a fire spread through an apartment block in central Paris today.

Dramatic pictures show fireworks and missiles flying as riot police and "Yellow Vest" protesters battled again on the streets today.

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Yellow vest movement: Paris police fire tear gas at protesters - BBC News

police activity in paris today

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police activity in paris today

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