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By | 16.05.2019

Spiderman and batman fanfiction ask toddler questions By. IdeasGuy Peter was minding his own business when some random disembodied voice started telling him that he was needed before plucking him from his home city and dropping him off in Gotham without directions or a general idea of what just happened. Now, for the foreseeable future, he's stuck in the crime capital of America with no money, resources or a plan. But what else was new? His lungs burned as he coughed, trying to get the liquid out of his lungs as he searched for the sudden voice that scared off a few years of his life. Spider-man choked as the water he had been drinking suddenly went down .. " You're not with Batman," the manlared and that made him. After spending a year on the streets he meets the Batman and his life .. to show the development of Batman and Spider-Man's partnership. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Uncle Ben said it wasn't the end for spider-man so wheres peter? Reviews welome. But might own the web slinger soon hint hint away this is my first fanfaiction so enjoy and openly critic me just cut me some slack deal?

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After spending a year on the streets he meets the Batman and his life takes a twist, for the better or the worst. Watch as these two work through their partnership in fighting crime and saving Gotham. No slash. Though standing at the top of a building stood a man that saw through all the darkness. Batman watched over his city as he did every night but this night was a defining one.

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The Thrilling Adventure of Spider-Man and Harley Quinn by Epickend reviews Spider-Man and Harley Quinn have ended up in a city that overrun of vampire creatures in a different world with a few survivors in the city. They must work together to find their way back to their sperate world before it's too late. Pure chaos and carnage! It's a tough job but Gotham needs him. Because Batman is missing.

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By. darkvoice After his fight with Electro Peter ends up in a whole new world. With new enemies, and allies.

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The other a friendly neighborhood wall-crawler. They are the greatest heroes of their respective universes, but what happens when their paths cross? This series of adventures shows the answer.