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Paramount pictures logo types of eagles in bangalore In pursuit of this mandate, we have taken a thoughtful and comprehensive look at the organization on an overall, holistic level, and identified where we can make our processes more efficient and better utilize our workforce and resources to maximize success for the company as a whole. Viacom, since CEO Bob Bakish took over in 2016, has undergone a series of moves to attempt to deleverage the business and increase the value of its core assets as part of a broader plan to turn the media and entertainment company around. See the memo in full below. With that comes some exciting, but also necessary changes, including for our studio. With that perspective in mind, we will be seeing restructuring in our ranks that will streamline efficiency, foster talent across multiple divisions of the company, and augment synergy and cross-functionality amongst different teams. During this period, Paramount's logo consisted of a drawing of a mountain peak placed inside a circular field of stars with the company name in a script font. The Paramount Pictures mountain and stars logo was first introduced in How was it created, and how has it changed over the last And no, the stars in the Paramount Pictures logo have nothing to do with the glitterati.

Logo captures by Eric S. Wings 1927 . The 2012 restoration uses a rather unique editorial decision that is probably fitting for the first Best Picture Oscar winner. This backtracking continues up until the 1930s logo, at which point the screen fades to black, and the logo that introduced the film fades in.

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Most moviegoers are familiar with the logos of various Hollywood studios. From Disney's grandiose castle backdrop to the outer space view of Earth courtesy of Universal, every movie begins with a slew of logos for the various companies involved in the production, and the biggest are legendary. Of all these major movie houses, perhaps none are more iconic than that of Paramount Pictures.

Paramount Pictures Logo History (1912-present)

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Paramount Pictures Logo History

2002 Paramount Logo w/ Fanfare

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