Chevrolet Sail 2018 Philippines: Price, Specs Review, Interior, Exterior

By | 07.06.2019

Chevrolet sail review 2018 patrick meagher stassi instagram So, we thought of bringing it to Tagaytay for a spin and we did exactly that. This new car model is a balance of performance, size and functionality, in our experience this goes head to head with the likes of the Vios, City, Fiesta and more. Exterior Design We see the sail as both adventurous and safe, it has angular bodies that gives it a striking body; along with a front grill that shouts out both formality and attitude for exploration. Soft curves are more present into the sail throughout, t Though the body of the Sail would be more debatable if its leaning to be safe in design or a bit extra ordinary, we love the striking orange color as it gives an overall factor of being a looker. Find complete Philippines specs and updated prices for the Chevrolet Sail. The Sail is an entry-level subcompact sedan from Chevrolet Philippines for the localket. Chevrolet Philippines updates the Sail under the radar. View reviews, launches and unboxing videos of the Chevrolet Sail from the Philippines. Chevrolet Sail Price ranges from Rs. lakh in Delhi . Also view Sail interior Images, specs, features, expert reviews, news, videos, colours and mileage info at Discontinued Model since .

Chevrolet Sail 2018 Philippines review. Introduction 2. Chevrolet Sail 2018 Exterior 3.

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Chevrolet Sail VS Honda City Head to Head

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