Adult Summer Camp: What Really Goes Down

By | 13.07.2019

Camp no counselors cancelled meetup paddleboard orlando Liz is a lifestyle blogger who created The Tongue In Chic - a blog with a little too much truth. I flew into Austin and then hopped on a bus full of soon-to-be drunk coeds. In fact, at 25 I may have been one of the youngest people there. Before going on Shark Tank, Adam Tichauer built up Camp No Counselors to $, in sales spread out between four different camps in. Click on the covers below to find out what these cool campers had to say about CNC! For press inquiries, please email: [email protected] One episode of Shark Tank later and Camp No Counselors has taken off with 13 camp locations statewide and even a few in Oh Canada!.

In order to expand to several camps in new cities, Adam is bringing his adult camp idea in front of the Sharks. Adam Tichauer introduced himself as the founder and camper at Camp No Counselors. He described the business as a camp-like resort for adults.

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For once in my life I am kinda at a loss of words. A couple weeks ago I spent 3 nights in Austin, Texas. I flew into Austin, Texas and then hopped on a bus full of soon-to-be drunk coeds. In fact at 25, I may have been one of the youngest people there. Where the fuck was I going?

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